Our firm is dedicated to providing Architectural and Interior Design Services in the fields of commercial, mixed-use, retail, hospitality, industrial and high-end residential; as well as consulting services in specialized areas of the design and construction management.

We offer services such as Programming, Feasibility Analysis, Zoning Studies, Conceptual Design, Sustainable Design, Municipal Architectural Boards Presentations, Contract Administration and Construction Management. In addition we participate in development through our support for development teams in the tri-county area.

Our team has experience in work outside the UBD (Urban Development Line). Because of our team range of expertise, our architects also provide the flexibility and mobility to adapt, transform and improve performance of projects. We assist owners in the process of obtaining the best results for their investments whilst providing designs that are functional and beautiful. Our approach is to translate the client’s vision into a design that responds to the demands of the surrounding environment and the users, fulfills the expectations of aesthetics and at the same time is a functional and practical space.

Meet the team

Victor H. Rodriguez


Victor is a broadly experienced architects with more than 25 years of work in South Florida.



With twenty six years of professional experience in the discipline of architecture Vladimir brings
a great variety of expertise to development team in every project phase.



Olga’s work is well known for utilizing surrounding natural conditions, creative use of green building

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